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 In Passport

Last Updated 9/12

Thank you for contacting Legal Passport about your expedited passport – during unsettling times.

Legal Passport is a 24 your hour passport expediting service that works with the US Passport Agency,but we are not the Government. If you already applied – call NPIC at 877 487 2778 to find out your status.

Here is the update as we all prepare and anticipate the US Passport Agencies Reopening for Passport Expediting – which is precisely what Legal Passport LLC can assist you with -in as Fast as 24 hours – if you  have proof of departure within a couple of weeks.

Want to go to China? It looks like a problem. So are most countries for travelers from the U S.

Please check the travel restrictions to any country you plan to visit, so that you know what is expected of you and there are no surprises.

Go to our Local Mail and Parcel Center (MPC) to get your photos done correctly. Check our list of MPC locations in your local area.

Right Now, on Saturday  9/12/2020, some, but not all, of the US  Passport Agencies are Reopening in 3 Stages . Stage One started at some of the Agencies –  Stage Two at others, for only processing of the backlog or life and death situations. Stage Three is what we want now.

It looks like Stage 3 will be no sooner than September 1, but we will wait and see.

Obviously, the U S is moving slower than we had hoped in bringing back international travel.

Foreign countries are not being nice to the American traveler right now – like in Canada where you want to avoid driving a car with US license plates (today’s news).

Expediting services are not happening though … at this time, and expediting is suppose to happen in Phase 3, and the date of Phase 3 is unknown. We expect it to be sometime in  September now.  The Agencies are slowly bringing their laid off employees back to work and they are only working on the backlog and Life and Death situations.

Once the Passport Agency reopens in Phase 3  –– we will expedite people traveling in a hurry (within two weeks) or who may leave in a hurry.

Meanwhile, please go to to fill out the application online and download it and  print it out with a bar code. and read the instructions that apply to your situation – and then feel freeTo try and call back around the end of June to see what the latest developments are for Expediting.

If you do apply through the post office – at this time – your passport will be stuck in limbo – until

The Passport Agency resumes normal processing. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please read the following from the Passport Agency:

As of Monday, July 13, a total of 12 passport agencies and centers are in phase one and 5 agencies and centers in phase two of our three-phase reopening plan. The full list is on this page.

During phase one and two, we will continue to prioritize customers who need a passport in the next 72 hours (3 business days) for a life-or-death emergency only. You must make an appointment. During phase two, most staff will return to the agency and we will be able to resume processing more of the applications we already received. Customers must wear cloth face coverings in all common areas, including our lobbies, and observe strict social distancing. We recommend customers wait to submit new or renewal applications as delays will continue in phase one and two.

Learn more about our current operations and plans to reopen in phases on our COVID-19 Update page or our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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