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How Legal Passport Helps Last-Minute Travelers

Legal Passport is a Safe, Secure, 24 Hour US Passport and Visa expediting service that rushes your passport application through its network of government passport agencies, making sure your documents are in order. With proper documentation, we guarantee there are no chances of not getting your passport in time.

We work closely with government officials, who endorse and authenticate the validity of your personal identity and citizenship documents, to submit your documents and then to pickup your new passport. Our couriers will let you know within one hour of submission if there is anything lacking from your application, so you can fix it instantly, and prevent the government from suspending your application. We will help you with any type of American passport, including new passports, passport renewals, child passports and passport amendments and name changes.

With an average of 18 years in the passport and visa expediting business, our Passport & Visa Specialists have helped tens of thousands of last-minute travelers get their travel documents in time for their trip.

Travel agents, cruise lines, corporate travel departments, tour operators, and leisure travelers have benefited from accurate, timely and reliable service from Passport & Visa Specialists working for Legal Passport Services.

Our satellite offices and courier operations extend throughout the US, reaching into cities like Philadelphia, Boston, Washington DC, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Legal Passport Services has a Visa Department with Visa Specialists who will help you expedite a visa for any country and who offer all of the information a US citizen or non-US citizen require for all classes of visas.

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